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Orthodontics with self-ligating brackets in Murcia

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Orthodontics with braces is the main orthodontic appliance today. It is capable of numerous dental movements and effectively perform almost all orthodontic treatments.

The latest technology in orthodontic treatments are self-ligating brackets. Unlike conventional brackets that require metal or elastic ligatures to join the arch to the brackets, the self-ligating ones have a small gate in the front part that holds the arch.

In conventional orthodontics elastomer rings lose their strength, change color and retain many foods and bacterial plaque, so you have to change them often. In addition, they generate a lot of friction, which forces to perform more intense forces to move the teeth, generating discomfort or pressure sensation in patients.

Self-ligating brackets are low friction brackets, which translates into movements with gentle and progressive forces that allow a more comfortable and gradual treatment. Like any other type of bracket, there are also aesthetic ones that combine all the advantages of self-ligating brackets and the aesthetics of porcelain.

What are the advantages of this type of orthodontics?

  • In the vast majority of cases there is no need to remove teeth. By exerting lighter forces on the teeth, a greater range of tooth movement is achieved.
  • Without friction and with less pressure, the treatment is much more comfortable and pleasant. The passive clamping system they use prevents the device from exerting excessive forces and causing discomfort.
  • In combination with state-of-the-art arches they exert the optimum force that the teeth need to move in a much more efficient way, that is, in a fast and physiological way.
  • The treatment time is significantly shorter.
  • Appointments with the orthodontist are less numerous.
  • Visits are shorter compared to classic bracket systems.
  • The treatment not only produces an improvement at the dental level, it also favors the beauty of the face, by giving more support to the soft tissues of the lower third of the face in a natural way.

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