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Preferred Treatment – Dental Infantil Navarro Soto Clinic, Murcia.

20 years molding smiles

Throughout many years of clinical experience, we have developed a therapy treatment that allows us to perform a safe and reliable oral treatment on patients who are unable to provide conventional collaboration in the pediatric dentist. In this case, the patient has the obligation to come to the consultation on an empty stomach and in one session, almost always, or two at most, the treatment will be required to be performed under the effects of a conscious or unconscious sedation and with the collaboration of an anesthesia qualified for treatment in children and adolescents.

Noticeably, the patients experience a relatively nice session because they have not received any pain and after a short time, they are discharged and recovered completely from the sedative effects. Patients receiving this treatment are considered to have solved their oral problems in one single visit and a very high percentage do not require a second intervention.

Following this interference, most patients experience a change in their oral care and in their periodic revisions, therefore achieved a significant decrease in the plaque levels. Only in cases of severe dental caries and in children at very early ages, and after several years, a second intervention can be required, but it is due only to the high cariogenic activity, failure of preventive treatment or dietary measures.

After many years of experience and thousands of successfully treated patients, we managed to get the perfect combination of technology, dental materials, local and sedative anesthetics and develop a treatment, which for many, is one of the best in this speciality in Spain.

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Children’s Dental Clinic Navarro Soto is located next to Carrefour and the tram stop towards Molina del Segura.

Av. Juan Carlos I, 33, 30009, Murcia

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