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Since 1994, Children’s Dental Clinic Navarro Soto work to ensure that our patients have the best of smiles

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Treatment Options The Children’s Dental Clinic in Navarro Soto (Murcia)

20 years molding smiles

  • Fillings or esthetic restorations, temporary and permanent pieces.
  • Pulp treatment or pulpotomies (elimination of nerves).
  • Placing pediatric crowns in weakened or devitalized parts.
  • Gap maintainers and children prostheses for children with early loss of teeth.
  • Orthodontics in both early stages and adolescents with mild and severe malocclusions.
  • Preventive dentistry with early diagnosis of decay, the realization of pit and fissure sealants, the application of fluoride and performing regular tartar removal and cleaning.
  • Dental radiology with the possibility of intraoral cephalometric and panoramic radiographs.
  • Using crowns in temporary pieces that protect and prolong the life of the teeth.

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How to reach our clinic

Children’s Dental Clinic Navarro Soto is located next to Carrefour and the tram stop towards Molina del Segura.

Av. Juan Carlos I, 33, 30009, Murcia

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