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Since 1994, Children’s Dental Clinic Navarro Soto work to ensure that our patients have the best of smiles

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News – Children’s Dental Clinic Navarro Soto

20 years molding smiles

The Insignia system is a system of Customized or Customized Damon Brackets. That is, brackets made to measure for each patient and each tooth.

Measure your smile and make a high resolution scan of it, to create a 3D virtual model of your dental anatomy.

Begin by Visualizing the End. Insignia is an interactive software in which you can visualize the final result of your smile, making it personal for each patient. Over 40,000 data points per tooth are used and with them the patient’s arches are designed to achieve perfect occlusion.

With this system, a personalized solution is obtained for each patient that includes customized brackets, precise cementing by means of precision positioners for each case, and specific arches, which reduces the number of visits.

With insignia you achieve maximum clinical efficiency.

The carriere distalizer is an innovation in the orthodontic world.

With it, we can easily correct class II malocclusions without the need for extractions and even the treatment of class III malocclusions.

The objective of this device is to move groups of teeth and not teeth individually, which results in a simplification of the treatment.

When it is intended to correct the Class II malocclusion, this device moves the posterior pieces block-wise towards a correct occlusion, fixing the lower posterior block with an Essix type splint.

It is not necessary to change arcs or activate them by the orthodontist.

This distalizer makes it possible to reduce the treatment time from 24 to 15 months, being one of the latest advances in this type of treatment.

This orthodontic device allows to carry all this process in an aesthetic, effective, painless and precise way.

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Children’s Dental Clinic Navarro Soto is located next to Carrefour and the tram stop towards Molina del Segura.

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