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Referrals of the Dental Infantil Navarro Soto Clinic

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Referrals both dentists and pediatricians are always relevant with high importance to our practice since they provide us valuable information about the patient’s past and the current status of the case.

In many cases, the doctor requests us complete treatment of the patient because of his young age or the difficulty in handling and once he is treated and adapted to the dentist’s environment, it is granted to continue being treated by their family dentist.

While in other cases we are asked to make only one prompt treatment of the case, such as performing a pulpotomy, an aesthetic reconstruction or an insertion of a crown and they are discharged automatically or definitely refers to his family dentist or health center to continue with his previously outlined treatment plan.

This type of treatment request has become very popular in recent years especially in the cases of patients who come from very remote villages of the city of Murcia because of the difficulty involved in the transfers of patients.

If you are a referrer or you want to be, you will always have direct communication with the case of diagnostic or you will be able to learn the way how to treat a case, for which we encourage you to meet in person.

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Children’s Dental Clinic Navarro Soto is located next to Carrefour and the tram stop towards Molina del Segura.

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