Specialists in Pediatric Dentistry

Since 1994, Children’s Dental Clinic Navarro Soto work to ensure that our patients have the best of smiles

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Dental Infantil Navarro Soto Clinic, Murcia.

20 years molding smiles

Since 1994, in the Navarro Soto Pediatric Dentistry we work to provide our clients to have their best smiles. Our work philosophy is to encourage the prevention of oral diseases from the age of 2-3. For this, we apply effective clinical treatments and we try to improve the oral hygiene habits and alimentation of the youngest members of the family. Moreover, our periodical revisions cover from the oral examination to the oral cleaning, including the topical application of fluoride.

The dentistry possesses its own dental laboratory that enables us to dentistry treatments.

Equipo de Clinica dental infantil en Murcia

Dr. Navarro Soto

The smile is our visit card, our goal is to get a great smile at any age.

Dentistry at the forefront of technology

We work with the latest techniques and instrumentation

Our periodic reviews include:

  • Limpieza y tartrectomía

  • Aplicación de hilo dental

  • Aplicación tópica de flúor

  • Examen bucodental

The benefits of our reviews get that:

  • Diagnóstico temprano de la enfermedad

  • Menor posibilidad de patología en el futuro

  • Mejora importante de la estética sonrisa

  • Disminución notable niveles de placa bacteriana

Our self-ligating bracket get:

  • Reduce el tiempo del tratamiento hasta un 50%

  • Sin necesidad de extracción en la mayoria de los casos

  • Aplicación tópica de flúor

  • Sin fricción y con menos presión que los brackets convencionales

Specialists sedation and dental treatments

Our dental clinic is specialized in pediatric dentistry

Clinica dental infantil en Murcia


We are specialized in full control of pain, because our treatments are done under the effects of:

  • Anestesia local
  • Sedación superficial
  • Sedación profunda
  • Anestesia general
Dentistas en Murcia


Our clinic performs specialized treatments:

  • Ortodoncia en etapas tempranas y adolescentes
  • Coronas pediátricas
  • Odontología Preventiva
  • Obturaciones o restauraciones estéticas
  • Prótesis infantiles
  • Tratamiento pulpar o pulpotomía
  • Traumatología Dentaria

Pediatric dentists in Murcia

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How to reach our clinic

Children’s Dental Clinic Navarro Soto is located next to Carrefour and the tram stop towards Molina del Segura.

Av. Juan Carlos I, 33, 30009, Murcia

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